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car hire port elizabeth airport

Why choose a car hire Port Elizabeth Airport company?

  • Which car hire Port Elizabeth Airport company to choose?
  • Places you can go with your car rental in Port Elizabeth
  • Best family friendly trail in Port Elizabeth

There is plenty to do in Port Elizabeth. With a car hire Port Elizabeth Airport rental, you are able to jump right off a plane and into your vehicle with ease. Car rental Port Elizabeth Airport is a booming business. These car rental Port Elizabeth Airport companies are on the premises for this particular reason. After a long flight, you do not want to go looking around for a Port Elizabeth Airport car hire or take a shuttle to go fetch a rental vehicle. Instead you want access to a car rental Port Elizabeth Airport company immediately. You are likely exhausted and want to settle in as quick as possible. This is exactly what a rental company at the airport base offers to passengers. It is not only a way to get immediate access to a vehicle but to have a ride of your own right from landing all the way until you arrive back at the airport to take your flight back home. After settling, maybe start an itinerary list of all the possible places you would want to visit during your stay. Have a look at a few of our suggestions below. With car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport, these can be visited at your leisure. You can travel straight there and back without having to wait on taxis or public transportation.

Places you can frequent with your car hire Port Elizabeth airport rental include:

Seaview Game and Lion Park

Seaview Game and Lion Park is located just 25 kilometres from the Port Elizabeth beachfront and associated attractions. This lion park offers visitors a unique experience unlike other parks. You are able to play with tame lion cubs which vary in age from four to nine months depending on the time of year. Unlike in most reserves where you are forced to stay in your car hire Port Elizabeth Airport rental, you are allowed to walk freely among the cubs. Restaurants on the premises allow you stare at wildlife on the north and the ocean on the south while you enjoy a good hearty lunch. You can occasionally spot whales and dolphins from here. The advantage of using Port Elizabeth Airport car rental is that after enjoying your holiday, you do not have to go to another location to drop your Port Elizabeth Airport car rental, instead you drop the vehicle off at the airport before catching your flight.

 The Guinea Fowl Trail

You are able to locate the Guinea Fowl trail making use of your GPS system in your car hire Port Elizabeth Airport rental which is at the centre of Port Elizabeth. It is situated in the Baakens River Valley. The walking trail is divided into an upper and a lower section. The upper path is approximately six kilometers long and takes roughly two hours to walk. The lower path is seven and a half kilometers long and takes you downstream. With your Port Elizabeth Airport car hire, you are able to enjoying the trail in the morning hours. It is just a quick early drive. Walking trails are quite an entertaining experience for the whole family. Packing a picnic basket in your car hire Port Elizabeth Airport rental is a nifty idea. Finding a nice spot to enjoy a sandwich will be quite fun for the kids. During the trail you can see wildflowers, trees and blue water lilies along the walk. Because the trail is not circular, you have tocar hire port elizabeth airport organize your own transport back to your Port Elizabeth Airport car hire.

Port Elizabeth Airport Car Rentals

At the Port Elizabeth Airport you will be able to find many car rental companies. This then allows you to hire a car straight from the airport when you land, however this is not always a safe bet as you may not be able to get the car that you want, however you can save yourself time, hassle and even money by booking your car rental in advance with the Port Elizabeth Airport website. Our site has a car rental booking facility designed to ensure that you rental will be fast and efficient. There are so many more advantages to booking your car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport on our site.

First up, you would be able to do this at any time, 24 hours a day. you Not being restricted to do your booking for car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport online extends to where it can be done as well. As long as you are connected to the net, our site can be accessed from anywhere. You schedule when you would want to handle your rental vehicle and not have to succumb to being forced to visit a branch and wait in lines and have it be a long and drawn out affair. In addition to this, you would be able to book your vehicle before landing in Port Elizabeth, even months before your date. This will then entitle you to a larger list for reservation purposes and a much higher chance of landing the vehicle type you are after. This scenario would not be possible if the booking for car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport is left for until you arrive at the airport. Vehicles will likely be booked out and in the unlikely instance that you are in a position to rent out your ideal vehicle, you would still have to go through with the rental administration. Online, this portion of the hiring process is done in advance, limiting your time at the airport branch. Your duties at the branch would be to just confirm your identity and driving abilities with the relevant documents, then make sure the vehicle is up to standard and drive off on your Port Elizabeth adventure.

car hire port elizabeth airport

The car rental companies that you will be able to compare and book from at the Port Elizabeth Airport on out site are Europcar, Avis, Hertz, First Car Rental, Budget, Tempest, Sixt and Thrifty. These companies are both global brands and local options. Using our site means that you would not have to visit each of their websites but rather get a single list of rental vehicles from all of them from us. You would enter in basic information on your trip such as dates, time and the Port Elizabeth Airport as your choice of rental location. From this, our rental search engine will be able to provide you with the list of vehicles starting from the cheapest. The list can be altered to provide you with only options that appeal to you from car rental company to vehicle type.

A tip for foreigner visitors to South Africa wanting to rent a vehicle from any of the following car rental agencies at Port Elizabeth Airport would be to apply for an International Driving Permit in your home country which will make your pick-up go much more hassle free.

Thrifty Car Rental  Port Elizabeth Airport

At the Port Elizabeth Airport you will find Thrifty Car Rental that also has other car rental branches across the country. Thrifty Car Rental has around 3500 vehicles in their countrywide fleet. These vehicles are replaced each year with the more current models so that you will always get the newest cars. Thrifty has become a force in the car rental industry in South Africa, doing an astounding job of keeping on par with the global offerings while still staying true to local values. As their name suggests, this is the company you turn to when you are in need of affordable car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport.

Avis Car Hire Port Elizabeth Airportcar hire port elizabeth airport

Avis is one of the well-known car rental companies that operate throughout the world and you are able to find Avis Car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport. Avis are always open at the airport so you can book your car rental with them easily as they are waiting to serve you. Avis is known for their full range of rental services and loyalty club. They even operate a separate luxury vehicle rental division. Regular travellers using Avis should make use of the Preferred club which will allow for an even faster checkout at the Port Elizabeth branch and access to a host of savings from free rentals to upgraded vehicles.

Hertz car hire Port Elizabeth Airport

You are able to find the Hertz name in many areas of South Africa as well as in many of the airports including that of Port Elizabeth. Hertz offers many specials so when you are looking to hire a car in Port Elizabeth it is always worth having a look at Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport and comparing them with the others at the Port Elizabeth Airport website. The beauty of hiring a car with Hertz is for their stance of not imposing added charges for young drivers. So long as you are a licensed driver over 18 years of age with a credit card in your name, you will be able to make use of Hertz Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport. The Hertz rewards programme is Gold Plus, one of the most esteemed loyalty clubs in the car rental industry.

Sixt car hire Port Elizabeth Airport

When you are visiting a city, car hire is essential as it is one of the most convenient ways to get around. Sixt is one such car rental company and when you are visiting the beautiful city of Port Elizabeth, Sixt is another car rental option. They have a variety of cars for you to choose from whether you are looking for a city car, an SUV or a 4×4.

Europcar Port Elizabeth Airport

At the Port Elizabeth Airport another well known car rental company is Europcar, which offer a low cost car hire option or an extravagant vehicle which is matched with their great service. They have a variety of new cars that you are able to choose from when you are visiting Port Elizabeth. Moving your way, is their motto, and their aim is to stay true to this and provide customers with services in car rental that is in line with their needs. Car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport with Europcar can be done in a number of vehicle types from a cheap hatchback to group travel in a people carrier. Europcar indeed serves to cater for a wide audience.

Port Elizabeth Airport Europcar

Port Elizabeth Airport Europcar

First Car Rental Port Elizabeth Airport

First Car Rental at the Port Elizabeth Airport offers you a chance to take in the city by hiring a car and exploring the area. You will receive the best level of service and customer care with First Car Rental. The cars that you are able to hire range from the budget level to the executive fleet. First Car Rental has made an impressive leap into the mainstream rental arena, having been in the industry for less than 2 decades. Other than vehicles, your car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport with First Car Rental can be supplemented with baby seats and GPS.

Budget car hire Port Elizabeth Airport

Budget Car Rental is an international car rental company that also has a branch at the Port Elizabeth Airport. You are able to hire the car that you need easily with the booking process at the Port Elizabeth Airport website. You can hire a car with Budget for a day or even for a month depending on your needs. A fun new service from Budget would be their add along product of mobile Wifi.

Tempest Car Hire Port Elizabeth Airport

When it comes to some of the lowest car rental rates then Tempest car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is a tough competitor as they are an affordable option at the airport. They have over 300 vehicles that range from economy cars to larger people carriers. They are able to suit all your needs no matter how long you need to hire a car for. Tempest prides themselves on being a real true South African company and catering for the distinct needs of local travellers.

Bidvest Car Rental

car hire port elizabeth airport With Bidvest Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport, you will get more than just rental vehicles. They also offer the option of a chauffeur or direct transfer service. The difference between the 2 would be having a chauffeur for an amount of day you require while a direct transfer will just transport you to your destination. Both services come with being done in a vehicle of your choice from the Bidvest fleet. These vehicles can of course still be hired for your own personal use while in Port Elizabeth. There really is no substitute for being able to get into a vehicle whenever you like and driving off.

This is the main belief behind all of the companies offering car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport. All of them bring you car rental, each with their own slight edge. Allow us to help you in figuring out which will be the best fit for you.

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