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Hertz Port Elizabeth airport

Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport is worth every pennyhertz port elizabeth airport

  • Hertz Port Elizabeth airport is an established brand
  • Make sure that quality is never overlooked
  • Hertz offers chauffeur services too

The Hertz brand was established in the USA in 1918 and is now operating in 145 countries worldwide. It is the only car rental brand operating on all six continents. Hertz South Africa opened its doors in 1950 and has been in business ever since. Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport is a well-known and trusted brand amongst car rental companies. With an ever growing industry, the Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport branch has managed to keep abreast with times. Because of such, it still has a major share of the pie in the car rental industry. The car rentals range from a one day rental to monthly rentals. Long term Hertz car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport entitles customers to a substantial discounted rate on the vehicle. You would just need to hire out the vehicle for over 30 days. For anyone looking for a suitable long term rental option that is affordable with the backing of a genuine firm, then Hertz should be a top choice to consider.The Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport branch understands the importance of convenience. Thus it opened up its doors to service its clients at airports. Because of the centrality of the airport, Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport services not only people entering and leaving the airport but also residents who are from Port Elizabeth and want a car rental. Their car rental fleet thus, includes low cost vehicles to high end luxury vehicles. The respective consumers for this branch are varied and that’s why they keep a high variety of vehicles on the premises.

The convenience offered by Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport

hertz port elizabeth airportThe car rental industry is dynamic and changing, another spike in business is the chauffeur division. The Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport brand has located funds and resources into this division so that it grows and competes with other local chauffeur companies in the area. Hertz has 42 branches that are strategically located at major hubs throughout South Africa. They believe in making themselves available everywhere possible in order to keep their market share. With a Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport rental you are able to go to their branch which is on the airport premises with luggage and all and fetch your rental in a matter of minutes. They have a fully functional website where you are able to book online. The website is not only useful for booking or getting a quote, but they normally run specials and you can also read up on their initiatives. Some ihertz port elizabeth airportnitiatives include sponsoring FNB cup, the Loeries and Miss Namibia. Because it is an international brand, international tourists are assured that the same service they receive in their respective countries is applicable to the South African brand as well. Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport makes sure that their staff is fully trained and professional at all times as they are operating in the same level as their overseas branches. Service is very important to them as that is one of the reasons they are still in business today. You are always greeted with a smile and an eager consultant ready to provide you with exceptional service. One thing that Hertz will never allow is compromise quality to be the cheapest car rental brand. They are committed to providing superior service that goes hand in hand with their management style, their vision, their brand presence all in the name of continuing to be successful and sustainable. This is the type of company you will be renting with, should you choose Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport.

Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport Vehicles

The type of vehicle you will be choosing from Hertz Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport is an important component of the rental. You will need to consider the type of vehicle you are able to drive, the number of passengers you will need to accommodate, off road travel and so on. Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport is able to cater for these and many more from their impressive fleet. The following types of vehicles can be rented out at Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport. If you are looking for one type in particular, we would advice to specify this during the booking so that the results may only produce quotes for this type of vehicle.

car hire port elizabeth airportA compact hatchback best suits someone who needs to travel on a budget. In addition to being super light on fuel, keep updated to our special offers to bring your cost down even further.

A basic or luxury sedan/SUV will best suit someone who needs that extra bit of space. The more top of the line luxury vehicles at Hertz Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport ensures that you do not have to break the bank just to move around in a bit more driving comfort.

A single or double cab van will best suit those who need the extra space provided or those who intend a lot of travel off road. The difference between the 2 models lies in the number of seating available at the front with a 2 seater for the single cab with a 5 seater for the double.

A people carrier will suit those who need to transport more than 5 people around Port Elizabeth. In addition to being able to leave and arrive places together in just the one vehicle, it is also much cheaper to hire out just this one vehicle than a couple of smaller ones. There will also be a need for just one driver.

Booking Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport Cars

The easy way to book vehicles at Hertz Car Hire Port Elizabeth Airport would be to do so via this site. Just go to our car rental page to gain access to the rental search engine. It is a simple 3 step process requiring just the logistical details of your trip to Port Elizabeth, some personal details and the type of vehicle you will be settling for. To qualify for being able to book a vehicle at Hertz, you must be 18 years old with a credit card in your name. Hertz is different from many other rental agencies in this aspect whereby the renting age is this low and no surcharges have to be paid. car hire port elizabeth airportUtilizing our site means that your car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport with Hertz can be sorted even before you come to the city. The airport branch should definitely be used by passengers flying in for the convenience of having your vehicle right from this point. Booking online will ensure that the vehicle has been placed on hold for your use. There is also a much higher chance of having the choice of choosing between models before they inevitably become booked out by others. Besides having the safety of knowing your vehicle is reserved for sure, there is also the factor of keeping your time at the Hertz Port Elizabeth branch down to a minimum. Since you would be doing all of the choosing and information handover online, you would just be required to hand in supporting documents and do your check of the vehicle before leaving. This all takes mere minutes. As anyone who has navigated the airport arena knows, you just want to get out of there as quick as possible. Book your Hertz Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport with us and you can.

A Bit More About Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport Services

Hertz Gold Plus members will be able to rack up benefits when they do their car hire at Port Elizabeth Airport. The benefits are calculated according to the number of rentals accumulated during the year at any branch including Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport. Furthermore, members are entitled to faster check-out times at all branches including Port Elizabeth Airport. The club is Hertz’s way of saying thank you to loyal customers.

With Hertz Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport, there is still the option of utilizing their fleet even if you do not know how to drive. Depending on your circumstances you can make use of the direct car hire port elizabeth airporttransfers of chauffeur service. The former will see you being driven, in a vehicle of your choice, from one point to another, perfect for an airport transfer for instance. The latter will see you being driven by a chauffeur for the length of day you have hired out the service for. This would be ideal for a person needing to get between a few places in a day and would like for a personal driver to make the day go more efficiently. With this Hertz Port Elizabeth Airport service, it is different from taxis in that you will be able to choose your vehicle.

The Hertz Emergency Rescue Option is aptly abbreviated to HERO. This comes as an add on service to the rental. It is an emergency medical rescue that will be dispatched directly to you in the event of an accident. Other add along items from Hertz Car Hire at Port Elizabeth Airport include bicycle holders, child safety seats, carriers and GPS.

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