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Parking at Port Elizabeth Airport

Parking at the Port Elizabeth Airport is easy and also secure. You are able to drive in to the car park at the airport where a driver can transfer you to the airport in your own car so that you do not have to unload your car. This then makes parking at the airport completely hassle free. This is an option that you are able to opt for at the airport. If you are looking to fly to or from the Port Elizabeth Airport then you can book your flight at the Port Elizabeth Airport website that is easy to use. This will make your flight bookings an easy experience.

Port Elizabeth Airport Parking

Port Elizabeth Airport Parking

Tips for Parking at Port Elizabeth Airport

  • Always allow 30min extra before your flight to find parking
  • Make use of drop zones at Port Elizabeth Airport
  • Inquire about parking tariffs before parking
  • Ensure you do not park in disabled bays at Port Elizabeth Airport

Port Elizabeth airport parking is a second homeport elizabeth airport parking

The central location of Port Elizabeth International Airport has coined it as the “Ten Minute Airport”. Port Elizabeth is found in Eastern Cape and more than 1 million people frequent the airport every year. If this airport has become your second home, then we suggest that you make use of Port Elizabeth airport parking. Regular travelling sees you incur a substantial amount on cabs to transport you to and fro the airport or your spouse playing the driver. These options after a while start becoming an inconvenience to the person constantly driving you or your pocket for paying all the cab fees. Port Elizabeth airport parking is a solution, the best solution on offer actually. Port Elizabeth airport parking offers not only short term parking which is up to 8 hours but long term parking as well. For long term parking you are offered covered parking and lock-up garages. All this parking is locate right in front of the terminal building. Port Elizabeth airport parking has come up with initiatives to ensure that this experience is as straight forward as possible, with little to no inconvenience. One such initiative that Port Elizabeth airport parking came up with is the online booking process. You no longer have to manually book a parking space, you can do everything beforehand like with most things.

Leaving your car for an extended period of time can be a daunting and nerve wrecking experience. But with Port Elizabeth airport parking whether you are going on holiday or a business trip you can put your mind at ease because your car will be parked in an access controlled secure environment.  Port Elizabeth Airport parking is still your best choice to independent parking facilitiesport elizabeth airport parking

The benefits of using Port Elizabeth airport parking over other facilities include:


Airport parking is well-known for being thorough with their security measures unlike some independent parking facilities. There are stringent security measures like monitored CCTV cameras and the areas will be patrolled by security staff 24-hours a day


The beauty of Port Elizabeth airport parking is that the parking facilities are situated right in front of the airport terminals. The trouble with independent parking is that you have to get an alternative means of travel to the airport once parked at an independent parking lot. It becomes costly and a huge hassle if you have a lot of luggage.

Cost-effective parking

Technology advancement has made our lives a tad bit easier and more convenient. Almost everything can be done in the palm of your hands, even booking for airport parking. Most companies including Port Elizabeth Airport parking have an online booking option. Airport parking can be affordable if customers book well in advance. The recommended time to book for long term airport parking to save on costs is about two months before your flight.port elizabeth airport parking

All facts stated here were obtained online and are subject to change at any time, we suggest you use this site as an advisory and confirm all parking details with the airport directly.

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