Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa

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Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa

port elizabeth airport south africaAbout the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa

The Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa is the premier airport servicing the Eastern Cape region. It was founded in 1929 but did not officially start operations until 1936.  The airport sees over a million passengers pass through its doors and this number is steadily increasing. The focal point of the airport seems to be in its close proximity to the city centre and local attractions, being no more than 10 minutes away from these. The airport only operates a domestic route schedule as the runways are not long enough to handle international flight aircrafts.


Facilities at the Port Elizabeth International Airport

Keeping yourself entertained is really easy at the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa. There are stores loaded with electronics, apparel and souvenirs. A sit down meal can even be enjoyed. Theport elizabeth airport south africa terminal building, where all airport action takes place even has a viewing deck. From here, one has a bird’s eye view of all the happenings of the runway. See loved ones get on their plane or simply pass time watching planes come in and get ready for take-off. This aspect in particular makes the airport a fun day out for little ones. Restrooms and telephones are located all through the terminal for easy access to all visitors. The airport is very disability friendly with lifts and ramps providing ample support. Prayer rooms are also available as is a small conference centre. For the utmost in luxury at the Port Elizabeth International Airport, there are airport lounges. These are areas designed to keep first class travellers consistently enjoy the airport experience in sheer luxury. Here guests get the chance to get away from the rest of the airport business and enjoy comfort in a relaxing space with complimentary snacks and internet access.


Flights at the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa

The Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa handles flights from all over the country. Cities include Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town. Airlines that fly here include British Airways, SAA, Flysafair and Mango. These are both budget and full service airlines. Now, getting flights to the Port Elizabeth International Airport does not mean seeking out each of these airlines port elizabeth airport south africaindividually to get a mind-set of where you would get the best deal. Use our site which offers a comparison search engine which does all of the work for you. All we would require from you would be the location you would be flying in from, along with the date. This will allow our search engine to yield all flights that still have seats which you would be able to book. You would choose one based on pricing, time of day or simply a favourite airline. Once confirmed, you have the option to check in online or directly at the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa. On the day of your flight, remember to be at the airport around 2 hours before the flight leaves. This would give you ample time to check-in. If this was done online, then you would have a little lead way. Still, checked luggage needs to be dropped at least half an hour before the flight leaves so there is ample time to load it on board. Have your printed boarding pass along with identification ready before boarding the plane. After passing through security, you will be off. Centrally located, it is a very short flight to get to other cities.


Transport Options at the Airport

Both private and personal transport options exist at the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa. It is up to travellers to decide which would best suit their travel needs during their stay in the city.

The private means would be to take a taxi. It is the costlier option but would give you quick access to a vehicle to get out of the airport. This method of transport would best suit those who will not be doing much running around and just need a few transfers, enough not to have to go through renting out a vehicle. Passengers are further able to streamline the taxi process and book one before leaving for the city. This way, the taxi driver will greet you in the arrivals hall and lead you directly to the taxi. There will be no need to hail once and handle journey details as this will be taken care of during booking.

Personal transport options are also available. This comes in the form of rental cars. This would be the choice for those who will have a lot of transfers to do during their stay, whether a day or port elizabeth airport south africamonth and would like the convenience of access to their own vehicle. Port Elizabeth International Airport provides an abundance of choice for these guests. Noted names like Avis and First Car Rental are situated here and customers would further have a choice between different vehicles types from 4×4’s to your cost effective hatchbacks. Your rental car can be booked and confirmed right here on this website. Use our site to compare the different offerings and then go with the best deal you come across. When you do arrive in Port Elizabeth, hand in your identification to a consultant at the branch, along with Driving Permit and banking card. This will be used to complete the transaction. Your rental car will be brought up front. You can inspect the vehicle and then load your luggage and drive away.


Accommodation at the Port Elizabeth International Airport

If you are looking for nearby accommodation to the Port Elizabeth Airport in South Africa, then you would check into the nearby Road Lodge. Located just 150 metres away from the airport’s terminal, the hotel offers 90 rooms with real value for money. Guests can enjoy a 24 hour check-in at en-suite rooms with a work space and entertainment unit. The hotel also boasts a pool and guest office. For an easy access overnight stay in the city, this is the spot.

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