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Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport

road lodge port elizabeth airportLocated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, the Port Elizabeth International Airport serves as the main entry point for visitors to the city. The Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport branch is ideally situated to give these travellers instant access to lodgings upon their flights arrival into the city. Of the City Lodge group, it is the Road Lodge Hotel that gives the best value for money. The Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport has its base at the corner of De Havilland and Airport West Road at the Port Elizabeth International Airport. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day for check-in, which serves to cater to incoming flights throughout the day. There are 90 rooms at the Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport which sleeps 205 people in total. We would recommend to book rooms at the hotel as far in advance as is possible, ideally once the dates for flights into the city have been confirmed. This would guarantee you a room upon arrival in Port Elizabeth. Just go online and have your room confirmed in mere minutes. Even though the hotel is based at the airport, guests will still be within minutes from the city centre. The city is famed for this aspect, often being referred to as the 10 minute city, meaning all vital areas are within this time in relation to each other.


Facilities at the Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport

Breakfast- a light breakfast is served daily to all guests for an energetic start to the day.

Vending machines- are located at specific points at the Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport. Guests are able to get snacks and drinks all day long., so even midnight cravings are easily subsided.road lodge port elizabeth airport

Pay phones- in the case of having a low battery on your mobile phone, no need to panic, just use one of the many pay phones at the hotel.

Parking bays- on site parking bays allow for faster access to rooms and to leave the hotel and also a heightened sense of security for either a personal or rented vehicle. Vehicles can be rented directly at the airport.

Guest office- business travellers do not have to travel far to have a quiet and professional space for their meetings. It can be done right at the hotel in this space.

Swimming pool- what better way to relax than to sit poolside or float around? At the Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport, guests can enjoy this at their leisure.


Rooms are equipped withroad lodge port elizabeth airport

  • A work desk
  • En-suite, with a shower, basin and toilet
  • Television and radio
  • Carpet
  • Air-conditioner
  • Depending on the room, either a single, twin or sleeper couch

With some of the cheapest room rates, guests of the Road Lodge Port Elizabeth Airport branch will find that they are provided with ample amenities that goes well beyond the price they are paying. This coupled with their dedicated detail to service, has seen the Road Lodge Hotel become one of the most sought after accommodation bases all around South Africa.


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