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Windfinder Port Elizabeth Airport finds the best time for outdoor activities

  • Windfinder Port Elizabeth Airport helps you plan out your outdoor activities
  • Make sure you find the perfect breeze
  • There is plenty of ocean available for outdoor water activities

Port Elizabeth is an ideal destination for all wind sports fanatics. Do not rely on weather forecasts from your television instead get an up to date weather forecast from Windfinder Port Elizabeth airport. Windfinder Port Elizabeth airport creates a wind, wave, weather report and forecasts for wind related sports. These reports and forecasts are real-time observations from their weather station at Windfinder Port Elizabeth Airport.  To find the best last minute travel destination where you can enjoy your wind sports check the wind report for Windfinder Port Elizabeth Airport.

Windfinder Port Elizabeth airport branch ideal for outdoor activities including:


The idea of kitesurfing is simply using a large, powerful kite for force, and standing or sitting on some form of transportation, the kitesurfer will be able to reach high speeds and perform windfinder port elizabeth airportamazing and adrenaline-charged stunts. The most common form of kitesurfing is done using a surfboard on a large body of water like the ocean. Kitesurfing lessons are highly recommended as this can be quite a dangerous and challenging. Never under-estimate the magnitude of power generated by a kite. Kites generate their own wind in addition to the ambient wind. There are different winds to kitesurf under, some as low as five knots, but with proper experience, you may surf in winds above forty knots.


Windsurfing involves the use of a long surfboard with mast and sail attached. The windsurfer harnesses the wind to navigate the board over the water at speed. Skilled riders are able to perform incredible jumps and tricks and reach notable speeds, depending on wind conditions. Mastering the basics of windsurfing is easier on a dam rather than in the ocean. The dam has flat waters and no waves. Windsurfing in the ocean is technically more demanding and suitable for advanced riders


Surfing is one of the oldest practiced sports in the world. The knack of wave riding is a balance between athleticism and the command of the power of nature. Riding waves with a wooden board originates from Western Polynesia over three thousand years ago. Fishermen were the first surfers and discovered riding waves were an efficient method of getting to shore with their catch. Eventually catching waves advanced from being part of everyday labor to being a hobby.

windfinder port elizabeth airport


Paragliding is not jumping off mountains with a parachute or being pulled into the air behind a boat with a parasail. The paraglider is an inflatable wing. Air moving into the canopy causes it to bloat and gives it its aerodynamic shape. At the top of the mountain on a gentle slope facing into the wind the paraglider is laid out and the pilot is then connected with a harness. The canopy inflates due to the paraglider being gently pulled into the wind.  After taking a few brisk steps into the wind, the pilot floats gently up into the air. In order to enjoy all of the mentioned activities, getting ahold of Windfinder Port Elizabeth airport branch is vital.

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